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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fear not blog fans

I'm still here. I've been in hospital after accidently locking myself in one of my beehouses. I was stung so much that I have given up beekeeping as a pursuit. I also noticed that it only garnered an extra 2 visits per week on average, which for the mathematicians out there is 2/7 of a person a day. So there cant be that many beekeepers out there.
Besides my life is much more interesting. I met the Arctic Monkeys, worked in a kitchen, signed up for my 8th temp agency (surely a record) and tonight am being forced to drive my mum to see a folk singer.
So life's pretty damn sweet basically. I've been facebooking it as well, which is much fun. I recommend it to those of you at Uni with friends.


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